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APHC Membership

Becoming an APHC member helps build our professionalism community, as well as enables you to learn about innovative strategies for teaching professionalism, obtain skills in professionalism assessment, discover ways to conduct professionalism research and interact with people from around the U.S. and from around the world. A recent conference hosted attendees from over 20 countries.




As a member, you have access to special benefits that include:

  • Belonging to a community of like-minded professionals
  • Participating in the monthly Professionalism Education Roundtable interviews with authors, faculty and researchers, plus accessing past recordings
  • Enrolling in the APHC Faculty Development Certificate program known as LEEP (Leadership Excellence in Educating for Professionalism), which was launched in 2020 and offers longitudinal mentoring for a select group of individuals seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills in professionalism education, assessment and research
  • Posting your research, articles, podcasts, webinars, conferences and books on the home page of the website and/or newsletter
  • Receiving a 20 percent discount on educational videos created by the Medical Professionalism Project, which also allows you to obtain MOC and CME
  • Registering for APHC conferences with discounts
  • Serving on our editorial team for our monthly newsletter and contributing articles
  • Participating in APHC Committees which include the conference program committee, membership committee, outreach committee, GME and education committee

Our annual membership fees are very inexpensive and are valid for one year from payment date. Select from seven types of membership. See the descriptions below.

Member Type Description Dues
1 Institutional
2 Non-profit (4 members) $395
3 For-profit (4 members) $995
4 Additional Members $125
 5    Students  $5
6 Professional 1 MD, DO and similar $175
7 Professional 2 PhD, JD, EdD, DDS and similar $120
8 Professional 3 RN, PA, SW, and similar $75
9 Retiree $50
10 Student, Resident, Fellow $25


Institutional membership is based on the type of organization – either non-profit ($395) or for-profit ($995) – and includes membership for four individuals within the institution at the institutional fee. An unlimited number of students can join for $5 per year. (Contact for more information.) Additional individuals (after the first four) can join for $125 a year.

During Institutional Membership signup you have two options:


1. You can sign up three other and get passwords for them. Click on secondary members on the + sign and add the members yourself.

2. You can get an authorization code that can be distributed to three others, so they can sign themselves up. In your profile, click on 'Additional Members' and you will find the code.


The first member can sign up three other members at that time or receive a code to pass along to others to sign themselves up as members.


Professional 1 is for an individual with a degree such as MD, DO and similar.


Professional 2 is for an individual with a degree such as PhD, JD, DDS, EdD, MEd and similar.


Professional 3 is for an individual with a degree such as RN, PA, SW and similar.


Retiree membership is for an individual who has retired.


Student, Resident, Fellow is for an individual learner.




Your membership helps support the APHC initiatives, including the annual in-person conferences and virtual meetings that have been free.


For questions, contact

You can easily become a member by accessing the home page and clicking on .