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Medical Professionalism Project


The Medical Professionalism Project (MPP) is an accredited, online CME series that explores the complex ethical expectations and responsibilities of being a healthcare provider through the lens of behavioral science. Designed by behavioral economist and best-selling author Dan Ariely, award-winning filmmaker Yael Melamede, medical education expert Rebecca Ortega and Dr. Ross McKinney, the project applies Ariely’s research in human behavior to help address systemic issues in medicine, delving deep into professionalism, medical ethics and the social science of decision-making habits. Over 12 mini-documentaries cover topics such as social norms/provider culture, conflicts of interest, research, inequities in healthcare and more.


To get a taste of the content, please view the MPP preview. Behavioral research can have a big impact in the way we think and talk about ethics and professionalism, and that in the high-pressured world of medicine it is critical that we create more space for those conversations. MPP’s aim is to inspire a franker dialogue around the challenges that healthcare providers face today and to highlight solutions that can improve the culture and practice of medicine for providers and patients alike.


APHC Members receive a 20 percent discount. (PFO) is a resource to help learners on their journey to become a professional, which includes interprofessional roles and responsibilities in healthcare teams. Twelve interactive modules with exercises and assessments present topics in professionalism and interprofessional education (IPE). Modules can be used individually (e.g., to complement an existing professionalism and/or IPE curriculum) or as a complete series of 12 modules, as dictated by the learners’ educational needs. Modules or parts of modules are sufficiently flexible to be used as homework in “flipped classroom” learning programs or as triggers for discussion in small groups of learners.


The authors of these modules bring many years of clinical and educational experience in helping learners grow personally and professionally. All modules have been developed and reviewed by interprofessional experts throughout North America. The content is deeply rooted in evidence-based practice, and the authors have been reflective about what has promoted their own growth in these domains. In working through the content and exercises in PFO, learners will become more aware of basic principles and practices for their own profession as well as for professions of other healthcare providers.


PFO launched with a generous grant from Arthur Vining Davis Foundations and then received a three-year grant from the Josiah Macy Foundation to pilot the modules with 13 institutions and over 30 healthcare education programs. In June 2020 the grant ends and the modules will be available for institutions that want to provide professionalism modules with many interactive features, syllabi and resources for their faculty and learners.