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Medical professionalism: what the study of literature can contribute to the conversation
Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine

Transforming Educational Accountability in Medical Ethics and Humanities Education Toward Professionalism
Academic Medicine

The Essential Role of Medical Ethics Education in Achieving Professionalism: The Romanell Report
Academic Medicine

Reforming Medical Education in Ethics and Humanities by Finding Common Ground With Abraham Flexner
Academic Medicine

Re-visioning Flexner: Educating Physicians to Be Clinical Scientists and Humanists
American Journal of Medicine

Perspective: Medical Education in Medical Ethics and Humanities as the Foundation for Developing Medical Professionalism
Academic Medicine

In Praise of the Humanities in Academic Medicine: Values, Metrics and Ethics in Uncertain Times
Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics

The Challenge of Promoting Professionalism Through Medical Ethics and Humanities Education
Academic Medicine

Professionalism: A Framework to Guide Medical Education
Medical Education

Vulnerability and Trustworthiness -- Polestars of Professionalism in Healthcare
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