Project Group 1:

  • Proposal: To create a comprehensive online resource for professionalism education, assessment, remediation and research
  • Next Steps: Proposal to APHC Board:
    • An APHC organizational endorsement, stating that the APHC will be supportive in the development and promotion of the resource.
    • A commitment from the APHC to help develop and contribute to the proposed newsletter aspect of the resource.

Convener: Dennis Novak

Working Group:
Susan Arjmand
Virginia Bartlett
Mark Clark
Michael Green
Faith Lagay
Dennis Novak
Don Patthoff
Raul Perez
Marilyn Pesto
Curt Sheldon
Glen Solomonv
Susan Stagnov
Steve Wear

Project Group 2: Defining Professionalism

  • Define "Professionalism":
    • Identify what we mean by "Health Care"
    • What constructs should we use?
  • Identify "our" role:
    • Why should we do this?
    • What are our goals for APHC
  • First steps:
    • (1) Practical defs. (scope)
    • (2) Create connections with other orgs.
    • (3) Identify specific competencies
    • (4) Identify markers of those competencies
    • (5) Develop listserv
    • (6) Recruitment of membership
    • (7) Identify funding opps

Conveners: David Ozar with David Doukas and Raul Perez

Working Group:
Susan Arjmand
Virginia Bartlett
Valerie Blake
Howard Brody
Bette Crigger
David Doukas
Nannete Elster
Tom Harter
Janet Malek
John Moskop
Dave Ozar
Don Patthoff
Paul Perez
Abraham Schwab
Dominic Wasserzug
Steve Wear

Project Group 3: Measuring Professionalism

  • Purpose
    • Evaluate beliefs and attitudes that create behaviors
    • Measure progress of interventions
    • Identify outliers that need remediation
  • Action
    • Investigate tools for measuring professionalism-relevant beliefs and attitudes
    • Attain competence in these measures
    • Collect and summarize available statements regarding milestones for professionalism
    • Collect vignettes that reflect milestones

Conveners: John Hughes and Curt Sheldon

Working Group:
John Hughes
Curt Sheldon
Brandon Hamm
Joseph Michelotti
Glen Solomon
Susan Stagno

Project Group 4: Master Teacher Initiative

  • The Idea
    • This grows out of an awareness that students are self learners. We propose a program to develop master teachers.
    • The act of writing is important to clarify to crystalize something that was otherwise formless. Clinical anguish must be interpreted to deal with it.
  • Why is it important?
    • Students come with experiences
    • Writing crystalizes things that are otherwise formless
    • It is important to develop faculty who can facilitate discussions of professionalism
    • We need to know our patients in order to help them

Convener: Gordon Woods

Working Group:
Gordon Woods
Valarie Blake
Faith Lagay
Ron Koons
Kathy Powderly
Susan Stagno
Jack Truten

Project Group 5: "State of our Union" - Identifying Current Definitions, Practices, and Challenges for APHC

  • Topic/idea: brief survey of APHC attendees' definitions, practices, and challenges
  • Importance: collect, correlate, and report on variety of current practices
  • First steps: develop questionnaire, email to APHC attendants, prepare report/presentation for APHC 2014

Convener: Virginia Bartlett

Working Group:
Virginia Bartlett
Marilyn Pesto

Project Group 6: Creating a Culture of Self-Care

Health care providers can't care for patients if their own needs are not met. Those lacking in self-care are more likely to lash out at others (or in on self). We want to understand the characteristics of good/poor self-care, characteristics of individuals & institutions that foster self-care and figure out what is being done now to promote self-care. We would like to find a way to reach the "unreachables."

Convened by: Annette Meadola

Working Group:
Annette Mendola
Brandon Hamm
Raul Perez
Glen Solomon
John Spandorfer

Project Group 7: How Can the 'Social Contract' be Effectively Taught?

  • There is a cognitive dimension to professionalism; this can be assessed.
  • Needs to be developed throughout the continuum of learning in terms of "professional identity formation."
  • Professionalism as social contract needs to be complimented by the role and values of healer.

Convened by: Bill Allen

Working Group:
Bill Allen
Joseph Michelotti
John Spandorfer

Project Group 8: Professional Identity Formation

  • Topic: Professional Identify Formation
    • Framework
    • Strategies to encourage PIF
    • Approaches to assessing PIF
  • Importance:
    • Underlying foundation of the professional and professionalism
  • Next Steps
    • Share Information, tools

Conveners: Mark Clark and Mark Holden

Working Group:
Mark Clark
Mark Holden
Raul Perez
Curt Sheldon