Project Group 2: Defining Professionalism

  • Define "Professionalism":
    • Identify what we mean by "Health Care"
    • What constructs should we use?
  • Identify "our" role:
    • Why should we do this?
    • What are our goals for APHC
  • First steps:
    • (1) Practical defs. (scope)
    • (2) Create connections with other orgs.
    • (3) Identify specific competencies
    • (4) Identify markers of those competencies
    • (5) Develop listserv
    • (6) Recruitment of membership
    • (7) Identify funding opps

Conveners: David Ozar with David Doukas and Raul Perez

Working Group:
Susan Arjmand
Virginia Bartlett
Valerie Blake
Howard Brody
Bette Crigger
David Doukas
Nannete Elster
Tom Harter
Janet Malek
John Moskop
Dave Ozar
Don Patthoff
Paul Perez
Abraham Schwab
Dominic Wasserzug
Steve Wear