All interested health care educators, administrators, scholars, and learners may join APHC.

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For those faculty who wish to participate in the Academy, we have a tiered membership pricing structure, including a student rate.

Membership Dues, Payment in U.S. Dollars Only

$175 Professional Level (with Terminal Degree of DDS, MD, or similar degree)

$120 Professional Level (with Terminal Degree of PhD, JD, or similar degree)

$25 Student Level (Students/Residents/Fellows/ Non-terminal degreed individuals currently enrolled in a educational program)

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WHY join?

Do We Need Another Organization?

APHC has been founded to respond to two unmet needs:

First, the groups that control admissions to, and accreditation of, medical education - AAMC, LCME, ACCME, and ACGME - are increasingly turning their attention to the central need for education in professionalism, ethics, and humanities. They are open to input from those who teach these subjects. APHC aims to position itself as the go-to organization to provide that feedback through ongoing collaboration and scholarship in educational research.

Second, after four decades of successful teaching of ethics, humanities, and more recently, professionalism, no central repository exists for teaching and assessment resources, and relatively little of what we have achieved has been formally published. APHC has entered a strategic partnership with the MedEdPORTAL project of AAMC to create resources that will help all of us do our jobs better in the future.

Who Should Join APHC?

Anyone with an interest in teaching ethics and humanities, professionalism, social and behavioral sciences, law and policy, or related subjects to students and residents in health care is welcome to join. APHC aims to be a working organization, based on the idea that all of us will be more effective in our jobs if we do some things collaboratively with our peers at other institutions. We encourage all of our members to become actively engaged in the Academy's mission and projects.

What Services Will APHC Provide for Its Members?

APHC will primarily provide its members with opportunities for research collaboration through nationwide networking in new educational research. APHC will showcase innovative educational and assessment resources through its website and meetings. APHC will engage in dialog with health care accreditation organizations to positively influence health care education.

To stay nimble enough to provide timely input to other organizations, APHC will aim to remain relatively small. To place as few barriers as possible in the way of members, APHC plans to keep its dues level affordable. A lower overhead may mean fewer "services", but our intention is to make this working organization agile and responsive to member needs.

Will There Be Annual Meetings?

APHC will hold regular membership meetings (in the Spring or early Summer) to provide opportunities to confer face to face on current and future projects. APHC anticipates that these meetings will be in a retreat format. Rather than the meeting itself becoming an overriding goal, meetings will be held so that they contribute to the organization's goals.

Apply for Membership Online